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  • GoldenBiotech Signed First Licensing Agreement with BNC Korea for its New Drug Antroquinonol® (HOCENA®) to Treat Covid-19 in the Designated Territories


Jan 09, 2021
GoldenBiotech Signed First Licensing Agreement with BNC Korea for its New Drug Antroquinonol® (HOCENA®) to Treat Covid-19 in the Designated Territories

TAIPEI, Jan. 22, 2021—Golden Biotechnology Corp.(TPEx:4132)(“GoldenBiotech”), a leading Taiwanese biopharmaceutical company, has signed licensing agreement with BNC Korea Co., Ltd, a leading South Korean company in medical device, biologicals and pharmaceuticals, for its Covid-19 new drug candidate Antroquinonol® (HOCENA®). Being the first company in GoldenBiotech’s global licensing plan for Covid-19 therapeutic drugs, BNC Korea will be authorized for developing and commercialization of Antroquinonol® (HOCENA®) for the treatment of Covid-19 in the territories of S. Korea, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

GoldenBiotech will receive totally up to USD 18 million payment including an upfront fee of USD 4 million and the stepwise development milestone payments of up to USD 14 million. GoldenBiotech will receive 25% of projected sales for the subsequent commercial royalty payment. After the drug is granted of EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by the US FDA or clears the new drug application(NDA) through FDA after requested clinical trials , Antroquinonol ® (HOCENA®) will be selling in the market to treat the Covid-19 pneumonia patients.

The commercialization term of the licensing agreement are 10 years and will be extended to 15 years up to Jan. 3rd,2036 for BNC Korea to sell Covid-19 drug in the designated four countries.

The undergoing clinical trial of new drug Antroquinonol® is a Phase 2 clinical trial for mild to moderate COVID-19 hospitalized patients in the USA, Peru and Argentina. This is the first and only Taiwanese new drug approved by those three countries for the Phase 2 clinical trial in Covid-19. Antroquinonol has shown anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic characteristics in past animal studies, suggesting high likelihood in becoming successful treatment option for Covid-19 pneumonia.

About Antroquinonol® (HOCENA®)

Antroquinonol® , a novel small monecule that was discovered in 2006 by Golden Biotechnology Corp..Its compound structure, preparation methods and applicable indications have been protected with patents worldwide.Embraced by its safety and multi-functional bioactive advantages, it has been applied in several clinical trials or research in oncology, coronavirus, cardio-vascular, auto-immune and neuro-degenerative diseases.

About Golden Biotechnology Corp. (“GoldenBiotech”)

Golden Biotechnology Corporation , founded in 2002, is a Taiwanese based leading pharmaceutical company which dedicates to discovering novel compounds(NCE) and developing innovative therapeutics with breakthrough advantage against serious and rare diseases in hopes to improve and promote a lasting quality of life, health and longevity.

About BNC Korea Co., Ltd. (“BNC KOREA”)

BNC KOREA researches and develops strategic application products that will lead the next generation bio markets for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceutical products containing physiologically active substances by processing hyaluronic acid and collagen biomaterials.